Eyes can bulge for many reasons, including heredity, an underlying thyroid disorder or from a nutritional deficiency. Bulging eyes can be unsightly if they are severely protruding, which can be embarrassing and can cause other people to stare. It is helpful to apply makeup in a certain way that can help disguise the eye area, and help diminish their bulging appearance. Even though bulging eyes cannot be corrected without surgery, makeup can help camouflage the bulges.

Apply the foundation and concealer. Use an amount of liquid foundation about the size of a large pea, making sure that it closely matches your skin tone. Blend the foundation in well, covering the upper and lower lids as well. Using a concealer one shade darker than your skin tone, cover the areas of the eye that appear to be bulging out. The darker color will shade the protruding lids, and will help make them less noticeable. Blend in the darker concealer with your fingertip.

Apply the eyeliner and eye shadow. Chose an eyeliner and an eye shadow that are darker shades of brown or black. Lighter shade will accentuate the eyelids, making them seem to stick out even farther. Darker shades will cause them to look more sunken and will disguise protrusions. Draw a dark line near the eyelashes on both upper lids, and blend it in well using a blending stick. Draw a lighter line on the lower lids near the lash line, and blend them in in a similar fashion. Apply the eye shadow heavier on the top, making sure to cover the parts of the upper lids that stick out the most. Blend the eye shadow with your fingertip to make it look more natural. Using the side of the eye shadow sponge, swipe a small amount of eye shadow into the area that you placed the eyeliner on the lower lids. Blend it using your fingertip.

Apply the mascara. Chose a dark shade of mascara, preferably black, and coat the top lashes with two coats of mascara. Use only one coat of mascara on the lower lashes so that the lashes look more natural. The thicker upper lashes will further help blend in the eye shadowing and will hide the look of bulging eyes. Once finished, the eyes will appear more subdued, deeper, and it will be less obvious that they protrude from the face.