How to Apply Laura Geller Makeup

By LeafTV Editor

When it comes to makeup, there's just so much to choose from out there. One great makeup line to try is Laura Geller's. With over 20 years experience as a makeup artist to the stars, her own boutique in New York City and her QVC presentations, Laura Geller offers products that are easy to apply, great for your skin and make you look beautiful. Isn't that the point of makeup anyway? Following are some of Laura Geller's most popular products and how to use them.

Laura Geller Cosmetics
Laura Geller Spackle Trio

Step 1

Primer. Primer smoothes out your skin and helps your makeup go on easier and last longer. Spackle, Laura's top selling primer, is an oil-free silicone-based makeup primer designed to smooth your skin. It creates a perfect canvas for foundation, as it smoothes, perfects and evens out your eyes, lips and cheeks, priming them for makeup that will last all day. Laura now offers a product called Spackle Trio where in one handy compartment you can have your Face Spackle, Lip Spackle and Eye Spackle right at your fingertips.

Step 2

To use, simply scoop out a tiny amount of Spackle with the enclosed spatula then apply to face, lips and eyes.

Laura Geller Caulk

Step 3

Concealer. No one does concealer like Laura Geller. Hide flaws and blemishes with Laura's Caulk Concealer Pencil. It's infused with vitamin E and light-reflective properties and makes skin discolorations virtually disappear.

Step 4

Simply stroke the pencil wherever needed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and skin imperfections-it can even be used to fill in fine lines! For a polished finish, blend with the non-latex, washable eraser sponge.

Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten

Step 5

Foundation. For a glorious glow and a touch of warmth to your complexion use Laura's Balance N' Brighten. A unique liquid powder with swirls of color, this formula can be used in place of foundation for a flawless finish.

Step 6

Just lightly rub the retractable brush over the swirls of soft tan and light pink liquid powder and apply to your face. As you will see, Balance and Brighten helps to offset ruddiness, brighten sallow tones, and balance your complexion.

Laura Geller's Long Lasting Color Brow Marker

Step 7

Brows. Eyebrows are the frames to your eyes and a well-groomed brow can make all the difference from a so-so look to a totally glam look. To get your brows in glam shape, use Laura's Long-Lasting Color Brow Marker. It's an innovative, soft-tipped brow marker that helps brows look lush and natural. It's available in two shades, taupe and brown that work for most hair colors and skin tones. To use, first shake the pen then apply following the shape of your natural brow. For darker color, add another layer. You can also use the marker to color gray brow hairs. Where hairs are sparse or missing, simply apply the marker directly to the skin in short strokes for a fuller look.

Laura Geller's Baked Marble Eyeshadow

Step 8

Baked Marble Eyeshadow. Laura makes eyeshadow so easy. With her Baked Eye Shadow Duo you get two baked eye shadow shades in one compact. And the colors are great for all skin tones and eye colors. To apply, use an eye shadow brush and stroke Fresco Nude, a sheer and shimmery pale pink tint, over the entire eye area-from lash to brow. Then brush Baroque Brown, the perfect sculpting shade, along your crease and outer corners. Voila! Your eyes now look larger, wider and more defined.

Laura Geller's Tuscan Night Powder Eyeliner Pencil

Step 9

Eyeliner. Nothing adds drama to your eyes like eyeliner and Laura offers a great one called Tuscan Night Powder Eyeliner Pencil in a deep grape shimmer, a color that's great for all skin tones and eye colors. To apply, simply run a line along your upper lashes, extending it a bit at outer corners. Then run another line under your lower lashes, and smudge with the foam tip to soften the look. Now that's glam!

Laura Geller's Creamy Black Mascara

Step 10

Mascara. Mascara is the item that completes your look and Laura's Creamy Black Mascara gives your eyes the look of full, voluminous lashes. To apply, use generously for thick, luscious lashes that are sure to be noticed.

Laura Geller's Marble Cake Lipstick

Step 11

Lipstick. Nothing says wow like the look of full, luscious lips and of course Laura has your lips all covered. With Laura's Marble Cake Lipstick, you'll achieve one "marble-ous" mouth. With its luscious pink hue and smoky brown shade, its creamy coverage complements any skin tone.