How to Apply Eyeshadow, step by step with Pictures. As many articles as there are out there it sure is hard to just find basic picture by picture directions! Eyeshadow is just one of those things that you can either rock or ruin (miserably). Grab your eyeshadow and liner and lets get started!

Things You'll Need

The first thing you want to do is line your eyes with black or brown eye liner. Make sure the liner suits your eye shape. (You don’t have to put the liner all around the eyes)

With a makeup brush or eyeshadow applicator, apply a light eyeshadow over your lids and around the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure it is either close to your skin tone or lighter. Don’t go to far off your skin tone.

Color. Choose your base color, for this I am using a plum base. Apply it along your crease, on the outer half of your lid, and a bit on the lower corner. Make sure to blend well so there is no apparent line visible.

Take your dark eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyes. Work your way along the crease and the outer corners. Apply very little at time until you get the desired effect. For this eye I am using black, but very sparingly. As you notice, the black only intensifies the plum.

Re-apply your black eyeliner, and you are all set!