How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

By LeafTV Editor

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions. Applying eyelash extensions is a valuable skill for any cosmetologist or beautician. A lash extension is one of the safest beauty aids. Many people find that semi-permanent eyelashes are an easy way to make natural lashes appear full, thick and long; all without surgery and without makeup. By learning how to apply eyelash extensions, a cosmetologist can be at the forefront of beauty aid trends, helping her or his clients feel more beautiful. Because the method requires professional training, untrained individuals are not encouraged to try a do-it-yourself approach at home.

Step 1

Enroll in a class designed to help cosmetologists learn the process of applying eyelash extensions.

Step 2

View a DVD that explains how to apply the extensions if you're looking for convenient way to learn from home.

Step 3

Learn the differences between a full eyelash extension application and a touch up application.

Step 4

Learn how to properly care for, and store, eyelash extensions and associated products and materials.

Step 5

Understand who can wear eyelash extensions. Children under 12 should not wear the extensions. Some health conditions and eye sensitivities also prevent wear.

Step 6

Obtain the best quality of materials needed to properly apply extensions.

Step 7

Apply the extensions to others' eyelashes once you have been properly trained and licensed.