How to Apply Debbie Harry Makeup

By Pam Gaulin

Debbie Harry of Blondie sported a couple of different looks during her period of peak popularity in the 1980s. But her makeup regimen kept a common theme: dramatic eyes. In order to accomplish a true Debbie Harry makeup style, you will need to focus on creating outlined eyes, bold lips and a pale face. The look is the epitome of 1980s makeup, which was bold and dramatic.

Step 1

Prepare the face by washing it with your normal face cleanser. Pat it dry. Apply a daily moisturizing lotion and let it seep into the skin completely.

Step 2

Blend a liquid foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Gently cover the eye area, including the eyelid, with the foundation. Blend the color gradually over the chin line and down the upper neck.

Step 3

Line the upper eyelid with black eyeliner. Put it on thick. The line should become thicker toward the outer edge of the eye. Extend the upper line out beyond the corner of the eye, to form a cat's-eye-like shape. Line the bottom of the eye under the eyelashes with a thick line.

Step 4

Apply a thick line of dark gray or charcoal eye shadow to the eye crease. Blend it with an the eye-shadow brush or a finger. Fill in the bare eyelid with eye shadow. Take your finger and blend it all in. Smear the eye shadow from the outer edge of the eye in an upward motion. Finalize by curling the eyelashes with the eyelash curler and adding two to three coats of mascara.

Step 5

Line the upper lip, emphasizing its shape. Create a rounded, heart-like shape at the top of the lip line with the pencil, if your top lip is not naturally curvy. Extend the outer line of the top lip slightly beyond your natural lip line. Line the bottom lip slightly below your natural lip line, to create pouty lips. Use the lip liner to fill in the lip color. Apply a glossy red lipstick.

Step 6

Complete the Debbie Harry makeup look with a thin layer of pale finishing powder. Apply the pale powder over the forehead, under the eyes and on the cheeks, chin and upper-neck area.