Body glitter is a great way to add some literal sparkle to an outfit and instantly make yourself feel glamorous. However, if you wear too much you risk looking like a disco ball and leaving a glittery trail on every seat, wall and person you touch all evening. It is important to apply body glitter correctly in order to avoid this embarrassing situation. In this article, we will discuss how to apply body glitter.

  • Sugar or sea salt body scrub
  • Gel-based face and body mask
  • Gauze sponge
  • Soft washcloth
  • Face and body lotion
  • Soft, absorbant bath towel

How to Apply Body Glitter

Take a warm shower. Bathe as you usually do, washing your hair, face and body as usual.

Scrub yourself with the sugar or sea salt scrub. Use your hands or the gauze sponge to thoroughly scrub all parts of your body, focusing particularly on your cheekbones, shoulders and collarbone area. These are "accent areas" on your body that can be highlighted with body glitter in order to draw attention to these sensual areas.

Rinse all of the grainy scrub off your body. It is important to get all of the scrub off of yourself so that you do not feel itchy later.

Apply the gel-based face and body mask.This will refresh your skin and sooth it after the vigorous scrub.

Rinse off thoroughly. Make sure that all soap and mask residue is completely gone. Use the soft washcloth to make sure that you are fully cleansed. Your skin will feel smooth and firm.

Dry yourself completely. Use the soft, absorbant towel to make certain that you are entirely dry.

Moisturize. Cover yourself smoothly and evenly with the body lotion. Rub it in completely.

Wait 10 minutes for the lotion to soak in. If you can avoid it, do not put on your shirt since you do not want to rub off any lotion on your face or upper body.

Apply the body glitter to accent points of your body. Brush the glitter onto your accent points gently, knocking excess glitter off the brush before using it in order to make sure that you do not overdo it or get glitter all over your clothes. You should lightly dust your cheekbones, shoulders and collarbones. Your scrubbed and moisturized skin should "hold" the glitter in place all evening.

  • Suck your cheeks in when you are glittering your cheekbones, and sweep the glitter up the curve of the bone as if you were drawing a sideways "C" on either side of your face.