How to Apply Automatic Eyeliner

By Contributing Writer

Automatic eyeliner is a great addition to any makeup bag. It is the indispensable option for the woman who can never seem to locate her pencil eyeliner sharpener. Automatic eyeliner is much more forgiving in its application technique then liquid eyeliner. Follow these simple steps to use an automatic eyeliner every day.

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Getting Ready to Line those Eyes

Step 1

Twist up the automatic eyeliner so that about 1/8 of an inch is showing of the actual eyeliner makeup. You do not need to be exact on how far you twist up the automatic eyeliner. However, twisting up an automatic eyeliner too far will make it more likely to snap when you apply it.

Step 2

On the back of your hand, rub the automatic eyeliner at approximately a 45-degree angle. This step does two things for the automatic eyeliner: it warms up the eyeliner to make it flow smoothly over the skin on your eyelid, and it brings the automatic eyeliner to a smooth point. When an automatic eyeliner is first opened it is squared off when it is twisted up from the container.

Step 3

To line the top of your eyelid, you will want to close your eye gently. Doing this will keep the skin of your eyelid from becoming creased, which could make applying the automatic eyeliner difficult.

Step 4

Gently grasp the automatic eyeliner as you would an ink pen. Dot along the lash line. Fill in any gaps there may be after your first pass with the automatic eyeliner. Repeat with the other eye.

Step 5

Use the smudger on the end of the eyeliner to smooth the dots you made along the lash line out. To do this replace the cap over the makeup end of the automatic eyeliner. Grasp the eyeliner again like an ink pen, this time using the smudger as your point. Gently rub the smudger across your eyelid. Repeat with the other eye.