How to Apply a Semi-Permanent Clear Hair Gloss at Home

By B. Maté

Women looking to make their hair appear more luxurious, shiny and healthy can opt to apply a clear hair gloss at home. Unlike a hair glaze, a product that merely coats the hair, a semi-permanent gloss actually penetrates the hair's cuticle, according to the article "Hair Gloss vs. Hair Glaze." Because of this, clear gloss has the ability to tone down brassy highlights, and make hair more luminous—an effect that can last from two to four weeks. Though beauticians use semi-permanent hair gloss on dyed or highlighted hair, it is also used on natural hair.

Hair gloss should be applied to clean, damp hair.

Step 1

Wash and condition hair, leaving it damp to prepare it for the hair gloss treatment. If the gloss treatment is being done in conjunction with another dying process, then shampoo and condition the hair after the first dying process, making sure all of the excess dye is completely removed before adding the gloss. Towel dry the hair after washing, as hair gloss should be applied to clean, damp hair.

Step 2

Section the hair with a rat-tail comb into four sections. First, part the hair from front to back, down the center of the head. Then, separate the front from the back section by parting the hair horizontal from the center of the head to the top of the ear. Repeating this on the other side should divide the hair into even quarters.

Step 3

Pour the contents of the semi-permanent hair gloss package into a mid-sized plastic bowl. Normally semi-permanent clear gloss is a one-solution product not requiring any mixing. Putting the product in a bowl can make it easier to brush onto the hair.

Step 4

Use the long-tail dye brush to apply the hair gloss evenly onto small sections of hair. According to "Hair-Dyes and Hair-Dyeing Chemistry and Technique," this sectioning and brushing technique is used by beauticians with most dye applications to make sure every strand of hair is evenly saturated with the product.

Step 5

Pull the hair up away from the face, twisting it into a top knot, high on the head. Leave the hair gloss on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the product to permeate the hair's cuticle. Putting the hair into a top knot while it is processing can help keep the product from dripping.

Step 6

Rinse the hair and dry as normal. The treatment should last two to four weeks; thus, most semi-permanent hair gloss manufacturers recommend reapplication after that time.