Woman Getting Hair Dyed Red

The demi-permanent, ammonia-free PM Shines is a line of 32 professional hair colors designed by manufacturer Paul Mitchell for use at high-end salons. Paul Mitchell states that this line of hair dyes is safer for use on chemically treated hair, thanks to its gentle formula and its abundance of essential amino acids. Mixing the product for use in your client's hair is fairly simple, once you know which color your client prefers.

Read the instructions that come with your PM Shines carefully. Different clients' hair condition and desires may require you to make slight variations on the traditional PM Shines instructions; the product instructions will give you more information.

Put on a pair of plastic gloves to protect your skin from the dye's chemicals.

Pour one part PM Shines with one part Processing Liquid in your applicator bottle. Typically, you will want to mix two ounces of PM Shines with two ounces of Processing Liquid, but you may need to add more for longer hair.

Place your finger over the tip of your applicator bottle and shake the mixture until both parts are fully blended.


  • You can mix the two ingredients using a bowl and a brush, if you prefer.

  • People with stripped, porous hair may need their PM Shines to be mixed with Paul Mitchell's Clear Shine product.

  • As a demi-permanent hair color, PM Shines will last between four and six weeks, when properly applied.