How to Adjust a Ladies Watch Band

By David Hicks

Ladies watchbands are highly varied, based on both maker and band material. Most cloth and leather bands are easily adjusted, but metal and rubber watchbands are often difficult. These bands require both tools and knowledge to properly adjust. Some rubber watchbands must be cut to be adjusted.

Ladies watches can usually be adjusted for a good fit.

Metal Pin Bands

Step 1

Lay the ladies watch on its side, and look at the edge of the watchband. Near the clasp, there should be small holes. If these holes contain simple pins, continue in this section. If they contain screws, move to the next section.

Step 2

Place the watch face down on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching the face or body of the watch.

Step 3

Looking at the inner side of the band, locate the small arrow markers. These indicate which direction to push the pin out of the watchband. Place the small screwdriver (or other small tool) into the hole and push the pin out in the direction of the arrow.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 to remove as many links as are needed to adjust the band size. You may want to remove links from both sides of the watch to keep it even.

Step 5

Rejoin the sides of the band with the buckle by reversing the link removal process. Line up the holes in each side of the band and push the pin back into the band, in the opposite direction of the arrow. Push this back into place with the small screwdriver, then repeat for the other side (if links were removed from both sides).

Metal Screw-Based Bands

Step 6

Place the watch face down on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching the face or body.

Step 7

Using a small screwdriver, remove the screw from one of the links. Depending on the brand, you will either have to remove a screw from one side of the band, or two screws, one from each side of the band.

Step 8

Repeat Step 2 until you have removed the desired number of links, taking from both sides of the band if needed.

Step 9

Using the screwdriver, reattach the band by reversing Step 2. Tighten the screws properly.

Rubber Watch Band

Step 10

Remove the clasp. The clasp will be attached with spring bars, small metal rods in the edge of the clasp, located by finding a small hole. Push the spring bar tool (or other small, sharp object) into the hole to push the bar away from the clasp, then gently pull on the buckle. This will release the buckle on one side. Repeat for both sides of the buckle to remove.

Step 11

Test the watchband for sizing. Use scissors to cut along the inner watchband grooves (made for cutting). Cut conservatively, as removing too much cannot be undone.

Step 12

When the band has been properly sized, replace the clasp by reversing Step 1, pushing the spring bar in to anchor the bar into the watchband.