How to Add Cream to a Hot Soup

By Triston Liu

Creamy, tasty soups often consist of heavy cream. The cream helps thicken the soup's density while giving it a rich, milky flavor. Many people prefer cream in their soup and often eat it during the colder weather. A common technique for adding cream to soup is by stirring it in slowly while the soup is cooking or heating on the stove. Often, you cook the soup first, and then stir in the cream to blend all ingredients evenly and make the creamy flavor more prominent.

Stirring in cream makes a great technique to cook creamy soup

Step 1

Heat soup on stove top with medium heat. You don't want to boil your soup.

Step 2

Pour heavy cream into a bowl or a measuring cup. The amount you want depends on how creamy you prefer your soup. The general rule is 1/2 cup of cream for every eight bowls of soup.

Step 3

Pour cream into the pot of soup as it finishes heating and is sitting on top of medium heat. Stir soup with a ladle as the cream enters the soup.

Step 4

Continue stirring with ladle until cream has blended into the soup.

Step 5

Scoop a spoonful of soup and cool by blowing it with your lips. Taste to ensure that the soup's creamy consistency is what you desire. Turn off stove and pour soup into serving bowls.