Homemade lobster bisque soup with a roll and garnish

A thick, creamy soup is so rich and hearty for dinner on a cold night. Heavy cream is the secret ingredient that thickens the soup's density while lending a rich, milky flavor. A common technique for adding cream to soup is by stirring it in slowly while the soup is cooking or heating on the stove.

Heat soup on stovetop over medium heat. Avoid boiling.

Measure out heavy cream. The general rule is 1/2 cup of cream for every eight bowls of soup, but add more or less depending on your taste.

When the soup is hot but not boiling, slowly add the cream and stir with a ladle until fully incorporated.

Scoop a spoonful of soup and cool by blowing it with your lips. Taste to ensure that you're satisfied with the flavor and consistency.

Turn off stove and pour soup into serving bowls.