Ethylene is a gas responsible for ripening produce, which is naturally a good thing, but it also causes the decay of produce. This means that buildup of ethylene gas where produce is stored, such as a cupboard or your refrigerator crisper drawer, will hasten the rotting process. Because this is a known problem, companies that transport or store produce use products that absorb this gas. Similar products are available in smaller sizes for the consumer. You’ll find these ethylene gas absorbers in many stores selling home supplies and online.

Purchase an ethylene gas absorber of a size suitable for your purpose. Depending on the amount of produce you are storing, you may need more than one sachet or other type of container.

Remove the produce from the storage area. Clean out old, rotten particles of produce as these will continue to emit ethylene gas as they decompose.

Place the produce back into the container along with the sachet or other container containing the ethylene gas absorber. Follow all directions on the absorber -- they will vary regarding when to replace and how many cubic feet they will treat.


Avoid storing produce in airtight bags or other airtight containers because this traps the gas.