If you have natural hair you may love the fullness and curl definition that a twist out provides. However, as your hair grows in thicker and longer, it will take longer to twist your hair in individual twists. Here are a few quick tips to help you achieve a great twist out in under twenty minutes.

Start by deep conditioning your hair. Place your hair into sections and comb through in the shower with a kcutter, bone comb, detangling comb, or shower comb. Immediately plat each section after untangling it in the shower.

Towel dry your hair. Apply a light oil or your favorite shine serum. If your hair is in four sections take one section down at a time. Make each section into two sections. Apply a holding alcohol free product that will provide definition. Great products that may work are Miss Jessie's curly pudding, Miss Jessie's curly butter cream, IC Frizz busters gel, or any other product that provides hold without drying your hair out. Work this product in your hair from root to tip. Go over it a few times, smoothing in the product into your hair.

Separate that section of hair that is full of product and start to twist at the base of your scalp. After twisting; twist the twist around itself into a bantu knot. Repeat this process. If you have medium length hair that is 6 inches or longer you can achieve this style with 8 to 12 knots.

Allow your hair to dry completely before taking the knots out. Use a hooded dryer or air dry overnight. Re twist your hair every other night and sleep in a satin scarf for this style to last all week. With practice and starting with clean hair this style can take ten to fifteen minutes to twist and five minutes to fluff and style.


  • Experiment with different styling creams and butters to find one that works well with your hair.