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While considering different types of martinis, it's useful to learn how many calories are in these cocktails. To this end, you can gauge how drinking in moderation can factor into your diet regimen without spoiling any plans you may have of staying fit. You might be comforted to know that most cocktails don't have any more calories than a small snack.

How To Gauge Calories

Take into consideration that the more sweet a cocktail tastes, the more likely it is to contain a higher amount of calories. This is typically due to the fact that these cocktails contain liqueurs and/or fruit juices, each of which carry a high concentration of sugar.

Apple Martinis and Cosmos

According to, a basic martini-sized glass--usually 3 to 4 oz.--of an apple martini contains 235 calories. A cosmopolitan is 213 calories.

Vodka and Gin Served Straight Up

According to, a vodka martini straight up has 200 calories. A vodka martini with 1 oz. of olives is roughly 250 calories. A gin martini has 125 calories; if you add 1 oz. of olives it brings the gin martini to 175 calories.

Trended Fare, Say a Mojito?

A mojito contains roughly 150 calories. If the bartender makes the cocktail with strawberries or blueberries, you can expect to add 30 to 50 calories, making it a 180- to 200-calorie drink.

Chocolate and French Cocktails

A chocolate martini can contain as many as 430 calories for a 3- to 4-oz. glass. If the drink is made without cream, this will decrease the caloric content. French martinis are made with vodka, chambord and pineapple juice, and have about 150 calories.