Waffle makers are a fun little appliance to add to a kitchen arsenal. Who doesn't love having the option to whip up a batch of fresh, warm waffles on a Saturday morning? If you don't yet have the hang of using the waffle iron though, opening it up at the wrong time can rip the waffles apart and ruin breakfast.

Cook times depend on the brand and model of the waffle iron. Most models have some sort of indicator to notify you when the waffle is cooked, such as a light that turns off or an alarm that beeps. If the waffle iron doesn't have an alarm or light, check the owner's manual, which should contain guidelines for cook time, and use a timer.

You could always cook a test waffle and time it with a stopwatch until the batter stops steaming. The waffle will probably be well-done, but you can then adjust the cook time for the future.

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