Close-up of pancakes with chocolate sauce and various berries on table

Warm, fluffy pancakes are a sweet treat ideal to serve at breakfast, or any time a craving strikes. However, if you make them incorrectly, your pancakes might turn out flat and unappetizing. Flat pancakes are caused by overcooking and improper preparation of the batter. To keep your pancakes from being flat, allow for 35 minutes to ready the batter before you cook your meal. The method to keep pancakes fluffy will work with almost any pancake batter recipe or mix.

Whisk the pancake batter quickly and do not stop until it is smooth. Eliminating all of the clumps from the batter will help it form a light consistency, resulting in fluffy pancakes.

Allow the batter to set for 30 minutes after whisking it, covering with a sheet of plastic wrap. While the batter sets it will gain approximately 50 percent volume; make sure the bowl it is in can accommodate this increase. Do not stir the batter after it has set, as this will eliminate some of the fluffy texture.

Cook the pancakes on a skillet at a medium-low temperature. Preheat the skillet and coat it with a thin layer of cooking spray or butter. Allow it to heat for three minutes before you pour the batter onto the skillet.

Turn the pancakes when the batter on top forms small bubbles. This indicates that the bottom of the pancake is done cooking and the top is ready to be heated. If you leave the pancake for too long, you will burn the bottom and end up with flat pancakes.

Do not press down on the pancakes while they cook. While it is tempting to press the pancake with your spatula to make it cook faster, this eliminates some of the air and makes them flat.

Check the pancake’s "doneness" by lifting up the edge with a spatula. When the bottom is golden brown, poke a fork into the center of the pancake to see if the batter is cooked all the way. If the fork comes out clean, remove the pancake from the skillet. If it has batter on it, leave the pancake on the skillet and check every minute with the fork.


Do not refrigerate pancake batter; it will cause the pancakes to come out flat and chewy.