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Curling irons are a popular hair care product, giving you the ability to provide beautifully curled hair in a short period of time. Today it is easy to find curling irons in stores where beauty products are sold, and a wide range is available.

Curling Iron Temperature

A typical curling iron temperature is between 280 and 300 degrees; different models come with differing default temperature settings, but this is a typical heat level.

Hair Type

If your hair is harder to mange, or if you have coarse or thick hair, you will need more heat to curl and style your hair effectively. In this case you can find curling iron temperatures that go up to 400 degrees.

Low Temperature

Conversely, those with thin hair can look for curling irons with a lower default setting for increased hair care.

Varying Temperature

Many curling irons come with the ability for the user to change the temperature in accordance with their preference.


Regardless of temperature settings, curling irons are hot enough to cause pain and injury and should be handled carefully.

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