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What sets ionic hair dryers apart from traditional dryers is the fact that ionic dryers release only negatively charged ions. Ionic dryers help your hair cuticles to remain closed while you dry your hair, allowing the inside of your hair to retain moisture. As a result of using this type of beauty tool, the added moisture keeps your hair shiny and increases its volume.

Effectiveness on Different Hair Types

Ionic hair dryers purportedly produce hair that is visibly more shiny and moist than traditional dryers produce, all without creating frizz for all types of hair. Also, it is important to use the proper dryer type for your hair. Women with long hair may find that cheap ionic dryers have no benefit at all compared to their traditional hair dryer, and may need to purchase a more costly professional Tourmaline ionic hair dryer, according to Therefore, all ionic hair dryers are not the same, and it is important to match your dryer with your hair type.

Electromagnetic Field

Ionic hair dryers produce an electromagnetic field. There is much debate about whether this magnetic field is hazardous, but several authoritative sources, including the Food and Drug Administration, have noted that small children should avoid these electromagnetic fields. According to, Dr. David Carpenter, a Dean at the School of Public Health at the State University of New York, believes that ionic hair dryers produce an electromagnetic field that is about 200 to 400 Gauss, a level that can cause cancer in children. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, notes that there is "reason for concern" and efforts should be taken to reduce exposure, especially in young children.


Ionic hair dryers are much more expensive than traditional hairdryers. As of 2014, an ionic hair dryer could set you back more than $200 for a professional model. Part of the high cost is due to the technology used in the dryer; another factor is that most ionic dryers are brand name. In contrast, a traditional dryer may cost as little as $15.