Humidity Makes Your Hair Frizzy

When it is humid outside, your hair will swell and become frizzy. It basically is responding to the amount of moisture in the air, and on humid days, there's more moisture in the air. Any sort of styling that you may have done prior to going outside may be lost. To avoid your hair from becoming frizzy, recommends using an anti-frizz styling product that contains silicon. These products will help lock in moisture, instead of losing moisture which is what happens on humid days.

Here Come the Curls

If you already have curly hair or some sort of wave, any sort of moisture in the air will bring that curl out. According to, the moisture in the air will transfer to your hair. One way you can combat this is to use any sort of styling product. This will help seal the cuticle of the hair which will prevent moisture from the air penetrate the hair causing curls. recommends using a deep conditioner before styling the hair. This will make the hair less porous and not as susceptible to the effects of humidity.

Flat and Limp Hair

If there is moisture in the air, it can weigh down your locks causing hair to go flat and limp. This is caused by humid conditions. According to, the only way to prevent your hair style from falling or coming undone is to block out humidity. This does not mean you have to wear a hat or some sort of cover up. Instead you may only need to treat your hair prior to styling. This may mean applying a leave in conditioner prior to styling and then adding products like moose or gel to the hair to close the hair's cuticle. Spraying a couple spritz of hairspray will also help prevent moisture from penetrating the hair and hold your style in place.