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A styling chair is often on a hydraulic system, allowing stylists to move clients up and down as needed. This hydraulic system can malfunction, as can other components of styling chairs resulting in an unusable styling chair and station. Quickly assess the state of the chair and attempt repair yourself or contact a reputable repair company to do the repairs for you.

Assess what is wrong with the styling chair. The majority of styling chairs are on a hydraulic system. These hydraulic systems can need sporadic maintenance or they may fail altogether.

Check the hydraulic fluid. The reason that your styling chair may seem to be malfunctioning is because you need to fill the hydraulic fluid. To do this, lower the chair to its lowest position, remove the fill nut and add hydraulic fluid -- hydraulic jack oil can be found at retailers like Auto Zone -- to the chair, making sure to replace the fill nut after. Remove any excess air by repeatedly lifting and lowering the chair several times. If this does not work to repair your styling chair, move onto the next step.

Contact the styling chair manufacturer. The manufacturer of your chair will have a listing of local repair facilities that can diagnose and repair the problem associated with your styling chair.


If you do not know the manufacturer of your styling chair, a local beauty and barber supply store may be able to help locate a repair shop that works on a variety of hydraulic chair types.

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