Homemade hair spray made from sugar water

Ladies...you can all relate to this...and maybe... some of you men. You're on vacation and you've forgotten your Hair Spray, or you reach for your Hair Spray and the can is empty. I have used this on several occasions..this is easy, natural, inexpensive and it works. This will definitely get you through the evening.

If you're on vacation and realize you forgot your Hair Spray and you're staying at a hotel with complimentary Coffee and Tea in the room or somewhere near...this will be very easy.

Hopefully there is a drinking cup in the room, you will need this, or some sort of small bowl to mix this in. Anything that will hold about an ounce of water or about 1/2 inch of water will do.

Run the hot water until it is very hot, pour a package of sugar (1 teaspoon) in the cup add about an ounce or 1/2 inch of the hot water, stir this until dissolved.

Let it cool. If you have to apply it with your hands do so. If you have a small spray bottle, this would work much better.

If you are home, and want to make a larger amount, Heat 4 ounces of water (I use the microwave to heat the water to a boil) Dissolve the 1 Tablespoon of Sugar in the water, stirring until dissolved. Let cool and pour into a Spray Bottle. Shake before use.


  • Make sure the sugar is dissolved. You wouldn't want white pieces in your hair.

  • Tames Fly-Aways too :)

  • You can re-use an old pump spray bottle from an empty bottle of hair spray. Just rinse it out first.

  • Use a hair dryer to set hair...seeming this doesn't dry as fast as regular hair spray.