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An itchy scalp accompanied by small red sores are possible signs of a lice infestation. Contagious as these pests are, you'll want to get rid of them right away. While there are several treatment options for lice, including medicated creams, lotions, or shampoos, it also helps to have a nontoxic home remedy. Using mouthwash to get rid of head lice saves you money and a trip to the doctor.

Wrap a towel around your shoulders so the mouthwash does not drip onto your clothing. This will also catch some of the lice once they are removed from your head.

Tilt your head back, and tip the bottle of mouthwash at your hair line, so that it drips down your scalp. It's important to tilt your head backward rather than forward, to avoid getting mouthwash in your eyes. Mouthwash works as a lice treatment because it contains alcohol, menthol, and other agents which immobilize the insects and make them easier to remove.

Use a lice comb to remove visible lice, combing from root to tip. If necessary, wet your hair with water to make the combing process easier.

Leave the mouthwash on, and cover your head with a shower cap once you are done combing through your hair. After 2 hours, you can throw away the shower cap and then wash your hair as you normally would.


Mouthwash should not be used in combination with another head lice treatment. It's important to use one treatment at a time.