Woman wearing a neck brace

If a neck brace does not pose enough complications on its own, add to the mix washing your hair without neck mobility. The best way to wash your hair if you are in a neck brace is to have someone assist you, but if you do not have that luxury, you can manage without great discomfort or duress. Always check with your doctor before attempting hair washing, as some people should not undertake such processes.

Wrap a towel around the neck securely, covering as much of the neck brace as possible.

Place a towel on the edge of the kitchen sink or the tub. Place two towels nearby: one to wrap hair when finished and one to wipe up any water mishaps.

Lean as far forward as your body will allow, usually leaning at a 90-degree angle from the hips and moving in toward the water, face down toward the bottom of the kitchen sink or on your knees over the bathtub.

Turn on the tap with water at a comfortable temperature. Fill your cup with water, and pour it on the back of the head, wetting the hair. If you have someone to help, your assistant can pour the water over your head.

Lather the hair with shampoo, staying face down, looking into the sink or tub.

Refill your cup as many times as necessary to rinse the shampoo from your hair. Pour it over the back of the hair, and hold longer hair under the faucet if able.

Turn off the tap when hair is thoroughly rinsed. Wrap a light towel around hair and stand up straight.


  • The spray soaker on the sink or a removable spray nozzle on a bathtub helps to wash hair when in a neck brace, but beware of spraying water. Have several towels on hand for any excess water spray. Have enough towels on hand as water tends to get everywhere and the brace wearer will want to stay dry as much as possible.

  • If hair really needs to be washed and the neck brace wearer cannot wash hair alone, dust ½-cup of baking soda through the hair to the scalp, and comb out. Baking soda will absorb some oils and odor and leave the scalp feeling fresher.