How Do I Dread Hair on a Hemp String Wrap?

By Ann Jones

If you've recently gone through the process of dreading your hair, you know the time and effort involved in getting your locks to look perfect. Locks take time to harden from the puffy, freshly backcombed state to fully solidified maturity. If your locks have begun to harden but aren't quite there yet, you may choose to wrap them with hemp string to help them along. You can also wrap mature dreads with string for decoration. A common technique for string wrapping is the Chinese staircase stitch.

Dreadlocks may take up to a year to fully mature.

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Step 1

Cut a strand of hemp string three times the length of your dreadlock.

Step 2

Tie one end of the string tightly in a knot around the root of the dreadlock.

Step 3

Hold the dreadlock taut, and wrap the string over the top of it, clockwise.

Step 4

Bring the string around behind the dreadlock, and pull it through the loop made when you first wrapped clockwise.

Step 5

Tighten by sliding the wrap up to the knot at the root of your hair.

Step 6

Continue wrapping clockwise and pulling through the loop. Keep scooting the rounds up to make them tight around your hair. This stitch will start to form a spiral around your dreadlock, like a staircase.

Step 7

When you come to the end of the dreadlock, thread the remaining string through a darning needle. Stick the darning needle up through the end of the lock to tuck the string inside it. Pull the darning needle out through the side of your lock. The string will be left hidden inside the lock, and the stitch secured.