Hot Hairstyles for Short Hair

By Nicole Gordon

Short hair styles are being seen more and more on women of all ages. Whether worn with bangs, layered for style or cut asymmetrically, a great short haircut can take years off of anyone. Whether you want to go more serious or more playful, there is a short hairstyle with your name on it.

Channel your inner Hollywood star

Classic at any age

Jamie Lee Curtis is perhaps one of the most famous women with a short hairstyle. Having kept it short and sassy for years, Curtis's classic cut is playful yet elegant. To obtain this style, keep sides and back short but angled with the top a bit longer. A razor cut, or layered effect, on top gives hair a messy, sexy look.

This cut works well for women of all ages; however, going gray naturally like Curtis really sets this style off right.

Straight and sleek

Understated yet sexy

A no-fuss hairstyle is one of the reasons many women go short. A great, hot hairstyle for fans of short hair is the sleek "bob." Stars like Katie Holmes and Jenny McCarthy have helped make this style famous.

Easy to manage for those with straight or wavy hair, the bob can be cut just below the ears and can be layered or bluntly cut, depending on taste. For added effect, stars like McCarthy have it stacked in the back for a bit more of an A-line bob.

Short enough with just the right amount of sexy, this style looks great with jeans or worn sleek and tucked behind the ears for a night out.

Show off your whimsical side

Short and sweet

Pixie haircuts have been all the rage for years. The "mod" styles of the 60's introduced the hot hairstyle and it's only been further perfected over the years. Stars like Halle Berry, Keira Knightley and Rihanna have worn varied versions of this playful, and undoubtedly hot, short hairdo.

Choppy layers throughout the hair create volume, allowing the hairstyle to vary from day to day. It can be smoothed down and tousled for a messy, sexy look. Many celebs wear the pixie cut with a side bang. The idea behind the pixie cut is that longer hair stays in the back or the sides of the head while the front is messy, playful and shorter.