Woman washing her hair

Purchasing over-the-counter lice shampoo can be costly, and many times we don't know what harsh chemicals are in the shampoo that may hurt our hair and body. You can easily make your own lice shampoo right at home with natural ingredients that kill lice while containing no ingredients harmful to you.

Lice Shampoo Recipe

Pour one spoonful of salt into a small dish. Salt works as an antiseptic, killing small lice. Next, add five teaspoons of vinegar. Vinegar breaks up the sticky substances that allow lice to hang onto hair follicles. Next, add one teaspoon of tea tree oil. This oil not only works as an antiseptic, but also kills off bugs and other insects that come into contact with the oil. Now add a teaspoon of peppermint oil. This oil has a very strong scent, and quickly kills small bugs like lice. (Peppermint also has a soothing smell--an added bonus.) Finally, add two teaspoons of dish soap. This type of soap works as a degreasing agent, making it nearly impossible for lice to hang onto the hair. Stir the ingredients, wet your hair and shampoo your hair thoroughly with the mixture. Let the shampoo sit on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

Lice Removal Process

While the shampoo is still in the hair, begin combing through sections of your hair. It's best to comb cautiously, and in a small area like a sink or bathtub, to prevent live lice from getting away. Comb through small sections at a time with a very fine-toothed comb (lice combs can be purchased from any drugstore). This will not only pull lice out of your hair, but a fine comb will also catch most eggs and nits. After a thorough combing, rinse your hair and comb again. Have someone help you examine your hair closely to make sure all lice, eggs and nits are gone, or use a magnifying mirror if you have to do this procedure alone.

Long-Term Lice Removal

Although all eggs and nits may appear to be gone, there may be tiny eggs that you cannot see still within the hair. These eggs can continue to hatch any time within the next 30 days, so it is important to keep a close eye on your hair, and also continue to use the homemade lice shampoo at least two to three times per week.

It is also important to clean any areas that the lice may have come in contact with. Clothing, furniture and bedsheets are especially important to keep clean. Wash all clothing and bedsheets, drying in high heat for at least 30 minutes. Change sheets two to three times per week for 30 days. Also, using a disinfectant spray on all furniture, as well as car seats, is also highly recommended.