Home Remedy for Liver Detox & Detoxification

By LeafTV Editor

The liver is an organ in the digestive system that serves many purposes. It helps the body process food for energy and it also filters out harmful wastes. Many diseases can affect the liver and it functions, but drinking excessive amount of alcohol is the main culprit. To detoxify the liver using home remedies is really just a matter of taking better care of your body. There are no magic formulas for a healthy liver, but eating well and staying fit are just two ways to cleanse and strengthen the liver.

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Home Remedy For Liver Detox Detoxification


Drink More Fluids

By drinking plenty of fluids each day you help the liver. The water helps to dilute and flush away toxins and poisons so the liver is not overtaxed. Each day drink around 64 oz. of fluids suggests the American Dietetic Association in its article Water, Water Everywhere -- How much Should I Drink? If you are on a detoxification program try to drink even more fluids. Juices and herbals teas are also good for washing away debris.

Exercise More

One of the causes of liver disease is a fatty liver. To reduce the chances of getting a fatty liver, cut down on the fats you eat. Also start an exercise program to help you lose weight and fat. The fat in your body stores the toxins, so if you are overweight you are storing more toxins and are more likely to have liver problems. A strenuous exercise program isn't necessary. According to the article Be Active Your Way on the Federal Citizens Information Center website, walking is just as beneficial as jogging. Seek advice from a doctor or certified fitness trainer before starting an exercise program. This is very important especially if you have been inactive for a long time.

Consider a Fast

A fast gives the liver and the other organs in the digestive system a break form digesting food. A lot of energy is needed to process and eliminate food. But if you don't eat for a few days, the energy is then used for cleansing the entire body, including the liver. According to Patricia Braggs in Fasting for Detox, a fast should only last one to three days. This is enough time to reduce toxins without endangering your health. Don't eat any food during the time period, but drink plenty of fluids. Longer fasts should be done only under medical supervision. If you have health concerns, discuss fasting with your doctor.