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Whether you choose short hair, medium length hair, or long hair, you can utilize styling products to style your hair. Hair gel is a commonly used styling product for black men and women alike. It is best used for shorter hairstyles, as it can weigh down longer hair. Thus, the best hairstyles for black people who use hair gel tend to be short and curly. Those who wear their hair longer, or in straighter styles, will likely want to use something with less hold and control.

Short and Twisted

A longer version of a pixie haircut is flattering and easy to style. The back of the hair should be cut into almost a wedge shape. The top and sides can be kept long and a bit wild. Twist small sections of damp hair around each other, applying gel right before making the twists. Continue making small twists all over your head. The gel may keep the twists in place for a day or two.

Short with Soft Curls

Another short hairstyle for black people that can be molded with hair gel is a modified pixie cut. The back and sides of the hair are kept quite short, and hair gel is used to slick it back. The top should be kept quite a bit longer, including the bangs. The desired effect is for the top of the hair to be a showcase of soft and touchable curls. Add gel to the hair while it's damp. Blow dry.

Slicked Back

Black men who wear short hair can use gel to keep the style in place. One such hairstyle has the sides and top just a bit longer than the back. Apply gel while the hair is damp and slick back using your hands or a comb.

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