Lavender flowers with essential oils

Hair usually grows about 1/2 inch each month, but there are hair stimulators or fertilizers that can promote faster hair growth. Applying a hair fertilizer stimulates the scalp, improves the blood circulation and gets nutrients to the scalp which helps hair to grow. Many hair fertilizers are essential oils which can be massaged into the scalp and left on for an hour or overnight then washed out.

Lavender Oil

This popular essential oil has a great smell. When applied to the skin it causes slight stinging which can stimulate the blood flow.

Rosemary Oil

This is an herb that increases blood circulation, which may in turn stimulate hair growth.

Basil Oil

This is the best hair fertilizer for fast hair growth, but it is expensive and hard to find. Basil has antiseptic and cleaning properties.

Nettle Oil

This herb is used to increase circulation of the blood. It also has cleansing properties that remove dirt and grime from the scalp which helps hair to grow.

Lemon Oil

Lemons strengthen the walls of the blood vessels which brings nutrients to the scalp. The citric acid in lemons also gently exfoliates the scalp.