Girly Drinks You Can Make With Vodka

By Kristin Swain

Girly drinks are cocktails that are made to be sweet, flavorful, and often very colorful. These drinks can vary from martinis to wine spritzers and other cocktails. Vodka is a very popular liquor to add to these cocktails because of its ability to taste good when combined with a large number of different mixers including juices, soft drinks, and other liquors.

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Absolute Pear Ginger Ale

This drink uses a combination of ginger beer along with pear flavored vodka to create a sparkling, light, fruity drink. To make this drink, fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add in one shot or an ounce, of pear vodka. Follow by filling the rest of the glass with either ginger ale or ginger beer. This drink is best garnished by either a pear slice or lime wedge.

My Pink Lady

This fruity pink cocktail is prepared in a shaker and served in a martini glass. Pour lemonade into the martini glass until it is three-quarters full. Combine half an ounce of Absolute Kurant and a quarter of an ounce each of midori and malibu rum together with a dash of grenadine in the shaker. Shake the ingredients together and pour them on top of the lemonade. Garnish the drink with a carnation.


A favorite girly cocktail is the Cosmopolitan. This drink is made with a shaker and served in a martini glass. Combine two ounces of vodka along with one ounce of triple sec and one ounce of frozen cranberry juice concentrate. Shake the ingredients together along with an addition of half an ounce of lime juice and serve in a martini glass with a lime or orange garnish. The cranberry juice gives the drink it's popular pink color as well as chills the drink without adding ice to the mixture.