Galvanic Facial Treatments

By Betsy Morgan

Women and men spend billions each year on lotions and creams promising blemish-free, wrinkle-free, glowing skin. The problem is that the natural protective layers on the skin's surface prevent a large portion of the active ingredients in these treatments from being absorbed, which decreases their effectiveness. In galvanic facial treatments, a special tool introduces electrical currents to the skin, increasing the skin's ability to absorb beauty treatments. There are several types of galvanic treatments.

Galvanic facials increase the skin's ability to absorb moisture.

Galvanic Facials for Oily Skin

Galvanic desincrustation is a treatment for oily and breakout-prone skin used to remove surface blockages, such as blackheads or whiteheads. During this treatment, a water-soluble desincrustration solution is applied to the skin. The solution could be as basic as baking soda and distilled water, though commercially prepared solutions are preferred because they are less likely to irritate skin.

The galvanic tool is then applied to the skin in a circular motion, applying a low-level current to the skin. For desincrustration, a negative polarity charge is used, which helps soften sebum and keratin for easier extractions. The tool can be applied to the entire face or just to especially oily areas like the nose or forehead. If the whole face is treated, it should take no more than five minutes. After treatment with the galvanic tool, a manual extraction of blockages is performed.

Galvanic Facials for Dry or Stressed Skin

Galvanic iontophoresis is a treatment for dry or stressed skin. Its goal is to restore moisture and plumpness to the skin without irritating it, making it a good choice for skin that has recently been resurfaced or is naturally sensitive. For this treatment, a light layer of gauze is soaked in a serum formulated for dry or environmentally stressed skin and is then draped over the face. Natural anti-inflammatory ingredients used in the serum include lavender extract, red raspberry extract and Canadian willow herb.

The galvanic tool is then applied to the skin on top of the gauze. Unlike the negative current used for desincrustation, a positive current is used for this facial. This positive current helps to force the treatment solution into the skin. The entire treatment should take five minutes or less. After treatment, the gauze remains on the skin as additional treatment serums are applied.

Galvanic Treatments At Home

Because galvanic facials in spas can run from $100 to $300 per treatment, at-home galvanic tools have become a popular alternative. Some at-home galvanic tools on the market include the Fyola Facial Massager and the FIR Facial Skincare Machine. Treatment solutions to suit oily or dry skin are also available for purchase. As with all at-home beauty treatments, the efficacy of these may not be equivalent to a professionally administered galvanic facial.

Galvanic Body Treatments

Many spas also offer galvanic treatments for the body, as the galvanic current is thought to decrease the appearance of cellulite by improving firmness and circulation.