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Lice can be a pesky and pervasive problem, and it is wise to know ways of avoiding an infestation. Lice are parasites that embedded into hair and skin can cause intense itching and infection. Dipping combs into boiling water before using or applying special shampoos can help -- but the way you eat can make for a natural repellent too. By boosting your immune system your body can stay healthy and keep lice away, according to The Independent, a London-based newspaper.

Herbs and Spices

Eating herbs and spices may boost your immune system and keep lice at bay. Garlic and bay leaves are good to have on hand. According to Immune Support, eating raw garlic builds up antibodies that are helpful to repelling lice. The natural compounds and natural aroma of bay leaves also fend off lice.

Dessert of Yogurt and Tea

Make your dessert yogurt and tea, and grow powerful antibodies and build up your immune system. The contents of yogurt include healthy live bacterium. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus -- among other bacteria -- that are great for warding off yeast infections and skin rashes. According to Wellsphere, the elevated levels of these substances in yogurt actually help to strengthen the human immune system. Drinking tea is a way of ingesting polyphenols that rid the body of free radicals.

Veggies and Nuts

Eat lots of vegetables and nuts when considering a snack. According to The Independent, broccoli contains many vitamins the body needs to stay healthy and strong. Making it a daily habit to eat nuts -- especially walnuts -- also helps to improve the immune system. Parents should encourage children to eat healthy foods, including fresh veggetables and nuts, and make them part of a daily diet. Parents should eat them too.

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