People use diuretics to get rid of fluid that has temporarily built up in the body. The temporary fluid retention can be related to eating excessive amounts of sodium, taking certain medications or suffering from health conditions like diabetes and PMS. Diuretics can be purchased over the counter or by prescription, and many people have adverse side effects from these pharmaceuticals. However, certain foods act as natural diuretics and release excess fluid from the body.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that asparagus naturally detoxifies the body because the fiber in this vegetable cleans out the gastrointestinal tract and helps the body release excess fluid.


Registered dietitian Dr. Lauren Braun states that the natural juice in watermelon is the primary reason it acts as a diuretic. The fluid in watermelon stimulates urine production.


A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology and the National Institutes of Health states that parsley acts as a natural diuretic by inhibiting the production of sodium and increasing the flow of fluids in the body (see Resources).


Dandelions act as natural diuretics because they contain inulin, an indigestible substance found in many plants. Because inulin cannot be digested, it naturally improves the body's ability to eliminate waste.


The Weight Loss Guide states that chocolate acts as a natural diuretic because it contains lecithin. Lecithin improves blood circulations and restricts cholesterol buildup on arterial walls, leading to less fluid retention.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and other caffeinated substance work as natural diuretics because caffeine stimulates the system, leading to the excretion of excess fluid from the body.