Flavors of Activia Yogurt

By Christina Schnell

Dannon's Activia wasn't the first yogurt to include the probiotic bacteria culture bifidobacterium lactis, but it was the first yogurt marketed as a natural digestive aid. According to the Mayo Clinic, dairy products like milk and yogurt, along with certain fruits and soy products contain these live, probiotic bacterial cultures which can facilitate proper digestion. Activia yogurt capitalizes on this ingredient and now offers seven different flavors along with drinkable and low-sugar versions of Activia yogurt.

The active cultures in Activia may help your body properly digest food.


Vanilla is the most classic and traditional of the Activia yogurt flavors. Smooth and mild, vanilla Activia is similar to other vanilla yogurts.


Blueberry Activia is pleasantly lavender and contains small pieces of pureed blueberry. The flavor of blueberry Activia is more tart than vanilla or strawberry.


Strawberry Activia is light pink with small shreds of strawberry mixed throughout the yogurt. The taste is sweet, but not overly so, making strawberry Activia a delicious match for granola or fresh sliced fruit.


Peach Activia is tart, tangy and quintessentially peach colored. The yogurt contains small chunks of canned peaches.

Mixed Berry

Mixed berry Activia combines blueberry and strawberry purees to give your yogurt an extra boost of fruit flavoring. The mixed berry variety contains the same amount of fruit pieces as other flavors, only split between two types of fruit.


Cherry Activia is mild and not overly syrupy like some of the mix-from-the-bottom cherry flavored yogurts. The yogurt contains small shreds of canned bing cherries.


Prune Activia offers an extra digestive kick for those whose stomachs resist the active, live cultures found in the standard Activia flavors. The yogurt contains small chunks of plums, not prunes, according to the prune Activia nutrition label.