Finger Waves & Pincurls

By Laura MacPhee

Trying to decide on the right hairstyle can be a challenge. Trying to emulate the hair styles of celebrities can seem like an even greater challenge. The good news is that many celebrity hairstyles are easy to achieve. Two of the most popular styles, Pin Curls and Finger Waves, are among the simplest to create.

Finger waves and Pin Curls can add glamour to any look

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Pin curls and finger waves became popular in the 1930s. Breaking from the short, straight, boyish styles of the 1920s, women opted for a softer, more feminine look. The look of 1930s film stars Mae West and Jean Harlow were all the rage. Many of the hair styles of the 1940s had their basis in the pin curl. These classic styles remain popular and grace the heads of stars on the red carpet on a regular basis.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are incredibly easy to create. The beauty of them is that the only tools required are a comb and your fingers. The soft, dramatic effect created by this style is a hit anywhere.

Creating Finger waves

Start by wetting the hair and saturating it with styling product, then use your fingers to comb the hair into ridges and curls. Depending on the look you want to create, section the hair into 1-inch strips, create a horizontal ridge with the hair and pinch it between two fingers, using the side of the comb to flatten it against the scalp. Continue moving down the hair, pinching the hair between two fingers. You can choose the tightness of the waves by leaving more, or less room between waves. If desired, when the hair is dry, comb it out very gently to create a soft, wavy style.

Pin Curls

Pin curls are exactly what their name indicates--curls created by using hair pins. Although the creation of these curls may be time consuming, the effect is well worth it.

Creating Pin Curls

Like finger waves, wet or spritz hair with water or styling product. Depending on the size of curl desired, take a 1-inch section of hair (smaller if a smaller curl is desired, a larger section if a larger curl is desired), and comb it completely smooth. Wind the section into a curl, taking care not to twist the hair. Lay the curl flat against the head and pin flat to the scalp. If you'd like the curls to stand out from your head, simply clip the curls so they are standing straight up. The pins are easy to sleep on so for best results leave the pins in over night.