Fashion Tips for a Broomstick Skirt

By Sasha Maggio

Broomstick skirts come in and out of fashion, but seem to never really leave. The simple cotton or blend crinkled appearance and the comfortable, flowing fit make them popular with women of all ages and body types. Broomstick skirts are relatively easy to care for: hand wash, wring out and let dry. They are also quite versatile and can be dressed up or down. Broomstick skirts are considered "Bohemian" or "boho" style, which includes influences from hippie-fashion and other bohemian or unconventional styles such as gypsies and wanderers.


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Dress Up a Broomstick Skirt

Broomstick skirts have a naturally relaxed appearance when viewed alone; they are prettier than wearing sweatpants but not quite on the level of dressier skirts, which is common to "boho" fashion. To dress up a broomstick skirt, pair with a button up blouse with short or cuffed sleeves. Leave the blouse untucked and wear a fashion belt around the waist, over the blouse. Opt for strappy sandals or dressy flats, but avoid cheap flip-flop sandals that can take away from the dressed-up look. The broomstick skirt provides coverage options (different lengths, for instance) with an exotic appeal that makes it stand out compared to other skirts and styles.

Dress Down a Broomstick Skirt

Broomstick skirts can easily become informal and relaxing outfits, with the skirt seen as a more feminine fashion item than other relaxed outfits like sweatpants or fitness wear. Pairing the broomstick skirt with a cute tank top, camisole or T-shirt keeps the appearance informal. To keep the outfit neat in appearance, select a top that fits but remains comfortable, as opposed to oversized or unisex T-shirts. Tanks and camisoles can be layered in colors that match or coordinate well with the broomstick skirt color. Flip-flop sandals, casual flats or any casual and comfortable footwear can accompany this dressed-down but put-together outfit. Unlike other casual skirts and dresses, the broomstick skirt is an airy, flowing, comfortable wardrobe piece that is versatile enough to work well for many occasions. For example, in a dressed-down ensemble it would be fine for school (provided the top and footwear are within the school's dress code), hanging out with friends, studying, shopping and casual dates.

Layering Broomstick Skirts

Broomstick skirts often feature a flowing skirt; the type that will twirl as the wearer spins in a slight circle. The cotton and blend fabrics are lightweight and often a bit sheer, and the lengths of broomstick skirts often go to the ankle but sometimes to the knee. These skirts can easily be layered for a fuller or more covered appearance, or to add additional color, similar to layering tank tops or camisoles. Layering a shorter broomstick skirt over a long one will give a tiered appearance as well. Layering provides a way of altering the appearance of a simple broomstick skirt without a lot of work.

Versatile Broomstick Skirts

Broomstick skirts, especially the long ones, can have versatility. Instead of wearing at the waist, like a skirt is normally worn, slide the elastic or drawstring waistband up over the bust to create a strapless dress. The length will be shorter than when worn as a skirt, but for average height women (approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall) the length should be sufficient when worn as a dress. To create a bit of contour to complement the female form, use a fashion belt of sash at the natural waist, or under the bust line for an empire-waist look. If the longer length is desired, pair two broomstick skirts with one worn at the waist and the other pulled up over the bust as a dress. Alternatively, leggings may be worn to provide coverage but allow the look of the broomstick skirt-dress.

For women who are taller than average (for example, 5'5" and above) this is still an option, simply pair with leggings or cropped leggings, or pair with a second broomstick skirt as mentioned above.