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Fashion and beauty magazines include articles that relate to the well-being of women, as well as topics aimed at making women look their best. Suggestions on what to wear, how to dress and achieve a sense of style keep women interested in what fashion and beauty magazines have to offer. Additional topics and stories give women an inside look into the lives of media personalities, as well as what inspires fashion.

Health Topics

Health is featured prominently in fashion and beauty magazines. Topics include exercise routines and weight loss techniques, aimed at keeping women fit. Skin care products are featured, as well as grooming products, to help women look young and radiant. Health problems are also often featured, to raise awareness about dangerous health trends, such as anorexia, in hopes of educating women and curbing such trends.

Makeup Topics

Makeup is a popular topic in fashion and beauty magazines. Articles include tips and techniques on how to apply makeup, what colors will compliment an outfit, and new products hitting the market to keep women looking their best. Readers chime in with their favorite products in fashion and beauty magazines as well, to share items other readers may be unaware of. A focus on skin type and color is also added into the makeup section of magazines to inform readers about products that suit various skin types and shades.

Seasonal Fashion Topics

Images of trendy clothing fill the pages of fashion and beauty magazines, enticing readers to buy popular trends and brands. Current season fashions are always a big topic, as season fashions guide women on what colors to wear during the year, as well as what accessories have returned to the fashion forefront. Tips on how to piece an outfit together for a specific occasion are always included, as well as what styles of clothing suit a women’s body type. Fashion footwear is also added into the fashion pages of magazines, to complete an ensemble.

Celebrity Fashion Topics

Fashion is highly influenced by celebrities and the media. Whether celebrities are wearing current trends found on the runway or creating their own style, there is always something to be imitated. Special event fashion reviews, such as dresses seen on the red carpet or at a music award show, are often included. Celebrities also share their favorite beauty products and secrets that keep them looking svelte and ageless throughout their lives.