Facts on Dragon Fruit

By Hallie Engel

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, has a yellow or hot pink peel and white or pink flesh dotted with tiny black seeds. The exotic fruit has a mild, sweet taste, with hints of pear and kiwi. To eat a dragon fruit, slice it open; spoon up the soft, juicy insides and discard the peel. It's a nutritious snack on its own, and you can add dragon fruit to everything from fruit tarts to ice cream.

Dragon fruit in hands.
credit: -VD-/iStock/Getty Images
Dragon fruit is also called "strawberry pear."

Dragon Fruit: Buying and Preparing

When you shop for dragon fruit, look for brightly colored peels. Avoid any with wrinkled stems or brown patches, because they're probably overripe. If your dragon fruit is hard to the touch, give it a day or two to soften. Toss chunks of dragon fruit into a smoothie or add it to a salad filled with Gorgonzola for a delightful flavor contrast. Chop dragon fruit flesh into cubes and mix it into a fruit salad for a crunchy twist; add a squeeze of lime juice to bring out its flavor.