By Heather Lacey

Concession stands are a must-have at sporting events. Capitalize on the convenient nature of these snack stands and serve menu items that are quick to prepare and easy to eat.

Pile of peanuts
credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images


The less work required to create concession stand food means less waiting time for the customer. Simple one-step recipes like nachos, popcorn and hot cocoa are easy to make. Depending on available cooking equipment, frozen pizza could be an option.


Foods that can be made in advance of purchase make for easy concession sales. Hot dogs and pretzels can stay hot in a rotisserie for lengths of time. Chili can be prepared in advance and kept on a warmer. Cook taco meat in advance and assemble it in a tortilla or shell when ordered.


Pre-packaged convenience foods are the easiest kind to sell at concession stands. This includes bags of chips, peanuts or candy bars. Bottled water and canned soft drinks are always good choices.


Ensure that concession foods are appropriate to the occasion. Although easy to make in advance, pastas or soups are not easy foods for fans to eat while sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event.


Before opening shop, verify with the local or state health board regarding food handling practices and vendor licences necessary to operate a concession stand.