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A 50th, or golden, wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate and enjoy your longstanding marriage with family and loved ones. Along with a celebration comes the perfect outfit. No matter your height or shape, you will want to look good for your honey, whether it's been one year or 50. Find your shape and consider a few different dress options that will highlight the best parts of your body and make you look your best.


Before you buy the first dress that you see, consider your color options. If you are going to a party in your honor of your long-wedded bliss, figure out what color schemes or theme will be used. Gold typically is the color used to commemorate 50th anniversaries. However, just because the theme may be in gold, it does not mean you need to dress in a matching color. Find a color that matches your skin tone and complexion. If gold looks hideous on you, try a dress in a classic black. Those with autumn complexions with dark hair and light skin can find deep jewel tones that look nice. Bold, bright colors look great on darker complexions, and pale and neutral colors work well with those who have medium complexions.


A dress needs to fit, whether it is for the office or for a party. When choosing a dress for your 50th anniversary, you will want to take extra consideration of the fit to look your absolute best. Pear-shaped women can benefit from an A-line dress with a medium full skirt. Top-heavy women should avoid dresses with big patterns and gathers or embellishments around the chest area. Find a long-sleeved dress to cover up plump arms, but show a little skin in another area, such as a dress with a shorter skirt or a more revealing neckline.


The sky is the limit when it comes to fabric choices in your anniversary dress, but consider a few things before wearing the dress to the celebration. Heavy wools and twill should be avoided during the warm spring and summer months, and lightweight fabrics like linen and sheer silks can give you the goosebumps all through a winter evening. Pick a dress that will make you feel comfortable; wear a slip or other undergarments to protect your skin against rough or nubby fabric.


The length of an anniversary dress should be determined by two things: the type of celebration and the height of the individual. A black-tie event calls for a more formal, long gown, while a cocktail dress can adequately grace a 50th anniversary cocktail party. Petite individuals should choose a dress with an empire waist or a dress with a short and full skirt to emphasize height. Drop-waisted dresses help create a curvy silhouette to apple-shaped women. Choose a dress with a longer, fuller skirt with a simple bodice to even out large shoulders or big chests.