Very few homes do not contain some form of Clorox bleach. The product is so popular, it can generally be found in a number of varieties. From Clorox Color Safe bleach to Clorox Liquid Gel, Clorox offers a number of products. While these products are common in the home, they are not common in the professional hair salon. This is because Clorox bleach is not used in the hair bleaching process--even when hair is described as "bleached," that does not refer to Clorox.

Clorox Bleach Uses

Clorox bleach does not bleach hair and should not be used to strip the hair of color. It is not safe for use in this manner and can burn the scalp as well as damage the hair. Clorox bleach should only be used as directed by the manufacturer. It is safe to use Clorox bleach to whiten white clothes and linen as well as to sanitize and disinfect household items. Clorox bleach should always be diluted with water.

Bleaching the Hair

The term “bleaching” refers to the removal of color pigments from the hair. Bleaching or lightening the hair is best achieved by a professional and should only be done with professional products. These products contain powder lighteners that are activated by hydrogen peroxide. When applied to the hair for a specific length of time, these products strip the hair of color and create a lighter or blond color.


According to, Clorox bleach can be used to whiten fabrics, kill germs on surfaces and remove stains. The Clorox website is the official resource for Clorox bleach and is the best resource for information on the product and its uses.

It is important to note that the Clorox website does not list hair bleaching as an appropriate use, nor does it offer information on the topic.


Many people mistakenly believe the term “bleaching” is related to the product Clorox bleach. However, this is not true. Bleaching is a generic term used to describe the hair lightening process and is not connected to the product Clorox bleach. Other commonly used statements include, “Getting one’s hair bleached,” and “Bleach the color out of the hair.” None of these statements relate to the hair lightening process.


Gloves should always be worn when handling Clorox bleach. Not only can it irritate the skin, but inflammation and discoloration of the skin can occur. When using Clorox bleach remain in a well ventilated area and wear a facial mask if possible. Wash hands immediately after use.