Different Kinds of Noses

By Sasha Melba

The world is filled with hundreds of different types of noses. To a skilled eye, a person's nose can be an indication as to his ethnic background. A person's nose is unique. The bridge, nostrils and size are usually proportional to the face. However, some people find it necessary to alter their noses by surgery, imitating other styles of noses.

Woman with a convex upturned nose


Large noses have big nostrils. The bridge is narrow and it may be long or short, but the appearance of big nostrils makes it look bigger. This is commonly known as the Nubian nose after a community in Sudan. People with big noses tend to be dominating.


Caucasian noses are usually concave in shape. The tip is upturned, and has deep depressions in both the nostrils. A small curve and upturn is elegant. It's desired by many and a lot of people undergo cosmetic surgery to acquire this shape.


A hooked nose is easily identified. It's thin with sharp dents at the nostrils and a hump in the middle. A hooked nose is convex in shape and prevalent in Rome. It is often referred to as a hawk's nose as the profile of the nose looks like the bird's beak.


Flat noses are prevalent in Asian and African countries. The bridge is at a small angle from the face. The nostrils are large and widespread on the face. The tip is very undefined and rounded upwards. Many surgeons specialize in altering these types of noses.


A straight nose is highly longed for. Many celebrities like Sean Penn have this nose. The bridge is completely straight with no bumps. It is linear with the nostrils and has a pointed tip. It's often referred to as a Greek nose because it is widespread in Greece.