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A salon receptionist may be the first point of contact that salon customers have when entering a salon. A friendly smile and a warm personality at the front desk will work to the benefit of a salon by making clients feel comfortable and welcome. Salon receptionists are often much like the spokesperson of a salon because they schedule appointments and represent the salon both over the phone and in person.


A salon receptionist should enjoy being around people because salons are busy environments with people coming and going. A friendly smile and a pleasant nature will make clients feel at home. A receptionist at a salon will need to become familiar with the services that the salon offers in order to answer various questions that clients will have. Individuals with an interest in the beauty industry with good administrative skills make excellent salon receptionists. A neat appearance is also important because of the nature of the business.


Answering the phone and scheduling appointments for all stylists who work in a salon is the main job duty of a salon receptionist. They must welcome guests upon entering the salon. Being able to answer questions about salon services and products is also an important aspect of the position. Handling money and being able to operate a cash register is often required. Calling to confirm appointments and folding towels may also be part of a salon receptionist's duties.


A salon receptionist should be trained to answer phones in the way that a salon would like to be represented. Different greetings may be implemented depending on what the salon owner prefers. Training on the product lines that the salon carries will benefit both the salon and the receptionist by creating a more professional experience for the salon client. If the salon uses a scheduling software, the receptionist should be trained on how to use it.

Experience Needed

A salon receptionist generally doesn't need to have a prior experience as a salon receptionist, as brief training is usually implemented. Experience with using a computer and good typing skills are important for the position. Being comfortable talking to people from all walks of life and handle money will be essential to perform well in the position.