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Massage therapy is a growing aspect of personal care and nontraditional healing arts. While it’s very soothing and relaxing, massage therapy does have its downsides. A licensed therapeutic masseuse has different training and credentials from a non-therapeutic masseuse. Make sure your masseuse has the proper training to provide a safe service.


Therapeutic massage can cost as much as $200 an hour in some markets in the United States. Since few traditional health insurance policies cover therapeutic massage services, individuals must pay these expenses out of pocket. The cost of a course of weekly treatments, often recommended in therapeutic massage, can be very high and hard on a limited budget.


Therapeutic massage treatments may take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. For very busy people, this time commitment is difficult to make, especially since you can’t multitask during a massage session. Massage appointments during the evenings and weekend hours are easier to schedule in a busy life but often come with a premium cost. Most massage therapists charge you if you fail to show up for appointments.


Many people have difficulty being in a state of semi-nudity even in front of a doctor, let alone a masseuse. While most professional therapeutic massage practitioners employ various means to make clients feel more comfortable, and less "exposed" during a session, the experience can still be awkward.

Accidental Injury

While all therapeutic massage professionals make every effort not to hurt their clients, the possibility for accidental injuries is still present. Deep muscle massage can cause dermal and subdermal bruising, an acute muscle soreness that lasts for several days, and in some cases, nerve damage. In very rare cases, massage can set off nerve-related illnesses such as shingles and neuropathies.

Unintentional Aftereffects

If the only time you can get a therapeutic massage is during your business day, you may have to return to your office smelling like aromatic oils and feeling somewhat greasy. Your hairdo may be somewhat flattened as well. You also may be so relaxed that you feel like you’re ready for a nap, rather than an afternoon of work.