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Electronic stimulation machines send a mild electrical current through two electric pads attached to the body. A current flows through one and the body acts as a conduit for the current to be received at the other pad. The makers of such devices claim that it is therapeutic for the muscles.

The Head

Electronic stimulation machines are for muscles only. There are no muscles in the skull that are big enough to be treated safely by the machine. Attaching the stimulation machine to the head can result in headaches, impaired vision, brain aneurysms and severe pain. The effects of placing the device on the head have not been thoroughly researched, but it is very clear that nothing good can come from putting the electronic stimulation machine on the head.

Over Major Organs

Major organs are no place for electronic stimulation machines. The entire torso contains vital organs that should not be exposed to electronic stimulation machines. The heart is the most sensitive; an electronic stimulation machine should not go near it. The heart has its own bio-electrical rhythm that the machine can disrupt. People with pacemakers should never use the machine. The electric charge from the machine can short the pacemaker, stopping it and the person could die.

The Genitals

Why anyone would want to send an electric current through their genitals is beyond logic. Using the electronic stimulation machine on the genitals is not only painful but it can damage important parts of the reproductive system, especially in men.

Pregnant Woman; Person with Health Issues

Pregnant women should not use electronic stimulation machines. The device can actually cause a miscarriage and/or damage to the unborn child. Anyone considering using the machine who has pre-existing health conditions should consult their physician first.


Never use the electronic stimulation machine on the neck. The neck is actually one of the most fragile and sensitive places on the human body. Major arteries, part of the spinal column and brain stem are there. Placing the electronic stimulation machine on the neck can result in vasovagal reflex or laryngospasm. Vasovagal reflex results in fainting triggered by malfunctions in the nervous system. Laryngospasm is a muscle spasm of the laryngeal cords that inhibits breathing.

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