Colloidal silver generators are devices manufactured for the purpose of producing a liquid silver compound used for consumption and topical application. According to the Mayo Clinic, while proponents and manufacturers of colloidal silver products claim a variety of health benefits – from fighting bacteria and viruses to treating cancer – no sound scientific studies have been linked to colloidal silver consumption, and it may actually be hazardous or harmful in high doses.

SilverGen SG7 Pro

Offering five gallons of capacity, the SilverGen SG7 Pro is recommended by the Silver Medicine Organization for its versatility and adjustable concentration features. While larger than many silver generators, the SG7 Pro uses the expanded surface area to combine four silver electrode plates to allow for a higher current and quicker production. The average production time required to produce five gallons of colloidal silver is three to six hours, and the potency in parts per million is accurately gauged using a build-in Hanna PWT Meter. Considered a higher-end colloidal silver generator, the SilverGen SG7 Pro can be ordered directly from the manufacturer and costs $699.00 as of 2010.

Sota Instruments Model ZBB5 Ionic Silver Generator

Also ranking high on the Silver Medicine Organization’s review of colloidal silver generators, Sota Instruments’ Model ZBB5 generator claims to be one of the cleanest machines on the market. The Model ZBB5 uses silver electrodes graded at .9999 in purity and offers an antibacterial casing and auto-shutdown to limit the presence of contaminants in the final silver product. Unlike the SG7 Pro, the Model ZBB5 maintains a low voltage, operating at 31 volts and 3.92 Hertz that slowly produces small quantities of silver. As of 2010, the Sota Instruments Model ZBB5 Ionic Silver Generator was available brand new at the price of $250.00, with possible used machines being refit and sold for $90 by the manufacturer.

Biophysica CS12A Colloidal Silver Generator

While advertised as a colloidal silver generator, the Biophysica CS12A machine is unique in its ability to produce 12 different types of metal colloids, including gold, titanium, platinum and selenium. While more expensive than the average colloidal silver generator, the Biophysica CS12A includes a more complicated circuitry that automatically raises and lowers the amperage as needed during colloid production. Advertised as a slow-production generator, the Biophysica CS12A also utilizes large surface area silver electrodes graded at .9999, and can be purchased new for $599.00 as of 2010, with separate colloid packages and electrodes available for $200.00.