Every girl wants a cool hairstyle that's quick and easy to pull off. Achieving and nice look that's fast and simple isn't always easy for some girls. Don't settle for boring and complicated styles that will leave you looking generic. You can create looks that are effortless yet chic. With a few tips and tricks, you will have the hottest tresses around.

High-Volume Ponytail

This look couldn't be easier. Wash and blow dry your hair, and make sure to add a heat protectant before blow drying. When blow drying at first only use your hands to flip your hair around to get it at least 50 percent dry. Next, use a paddle brush and volumizing spray to finish drying. When completely dry, the hair will be straight but also have volume. Part the hair to one side and gather it in a high ponytail. Wrap a one-inch section of hair around the elastic to hide it. Finish this look with hairspray.

Textured Bedhead Style

Rolling out of bed never looked so chic. Comb unwashed hair and apply a smoothing leave-in conditioner to the hair. Comb the leave-in conditioner through, and then wet the ends of the hair with a spray bottle, so they are slightly damp. Do not soak the hair, as you will make the style stringy. Take a texturizing gel or spray and apply it to the hair. Next, scrunch your ends to create a wave in the hair. Finish the look with shine spray.

Side Part with Braid

This look is easy, and can be done with minutes to spare in a hurry. Take clean hair that is straight or curly and apply a shine serum to the hair. Fine hair types should work the serum through with a comb. Comb the serum through with your fingers if your hair is curly. Part your hair to one side and make a braid along your part. The braid should not go further than your ear. Secure the braid with a hair clip. Finish the style with hairspray to hold the braid.

One Side Low Bun

This look is simple, and it will work on curly or straight hair. Girls with short hair will find this style difficult to manage. Comb the hair and make a side part. Gather the hair and twist once to either your left or right side. Secure your hair with an elastic, and use bobby pins to secure your bun into place. Spray a shine spray on the hair to enhance shine and combat frizz. Finish the style with hairspray and a headband.