Confirmation Cake Decorating Ideas

By Amelia Allonsy

A confirmation in a church is sometimes celebrated with a party, complete with a cake. Cakes typically feature religious symbols and a congratulatory statement, although you don't have to go this traditional route. Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican denominations all celebrate confirmation -- usually during the teen years -- when young men and women decide to lead their adult lives within the faith.

Wedding Cake
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Large white confirmation cake

Single Tier Round or Sheet Cake

A single-tier round or sheet cake works well when celebrating a confirmation with a smaller crowd. A 9-inch round cake or 9- by 13-inch sheet cake can easily serve up to a dozen people and provides plenty of surface area to write a congratulatory message. Decorate the cake with buttercream frosting or, if you prefer a smoother finish, apply a thin coat of frosting and cover the cake with rolled fondant. Add a message of congratulations or draw other decorations, such as a cross or dove, with buttercream frosting and a piping bag. Alternatively, roll out fondant and use fondant cutters to cut out decorative shapes, or place a small figurine, such as praying hands, on the cake.

Multi-Tier Round or Sheet Cake

Tiered cakes work better for serving large crowds and can feature multiple cake decorating styles on a single cake. For example, you might use a fondant rolling tool or embossing sheets to make a quilted pattern on the bottom tier, leaving the top tier with smooth frosting or fondant for writing a message. Apply silver dragees at the line intersections in the quilted pattern or pipe small dots or flowers. You can apply small crosses on the cake with fondant or buttercream frosting, or use a bit of frosting as glue to hold a small ornament, such as a cross, on the cake. If you prefer a simpler design, each cake tier can be decorated identically, such as plain frosted cakes with borders and flowers where each tier meets.

Cross Cake

The holy cross or crucifix is one of the most recognizable symbols of Christianity and would be a fitting cake tribute for a confirmation celebration. Cake supply companies sell shaped cake pans so you can bake a cake in the shape of the cross. If you can't find a cross-shaped cake pan, cut pieces from a sheet cake to assemble your own cross. Assemble the pieces of the cross with frosting to bind them together in the cross shape. Freeze the cake partially to reduce crumbling while you decorate. You can cover the cross cake with smooth fondant or buttercream frosting. Complete the cake with a piped border around the edges where the cake meets the cake board and write a message on top. Thin, rolled fondant can be pinched to look like cloth and draped across the cross.

Multiple Celebrants

Family and friends who receive the sacrament of confirmation together might have a joint celebration, but you can honor all of the confirmed without making separate cakes. The most basic way to include multiple celebrants is to write multiple names on the cake under the congratulatory message, but the cake might appear busy or cluttered if you must include the names of a dozen different people. Instead, cut out fondant doves or crosses for each person. Place the shapes evenly spaced on the cake and pipe each person's name on one of the shapes. Put a congratulatory message -- without names -- on top of the cake and place the names along the sides.