Why Clay Is The New Skincare Obsession

By Chelsea Becker

Clay is taking over as the wellness world's newest obsession, especially when it comes to skincare. There are clay masks, soaps, wraps, etc.—it's everywhere—and it's actually legit! The naturalness of clay is reason enough to jump aboard this wellness trend, but we suggest keeping it in your skincare mix for good. Here's the lowdown on why we love clay:

It's detoxifying

It's especially great at pulling out impurities within the skin which leads to skin rejuvenation. Clay gently detoxes your skin by removing dead cells to leave room for a fresh, glowing complexion. Plus, you can spread the love and use clay on your entire body.

It balances skin

Among its benefits, clay supports cell renewal and is known for being kind to all skin types. It gently balances oils while not leaving skin too dry, and it can also help with acne and other mild skin annoyances.

It's free of chemicals

Clay is a seamless, natural swap for mainstream cleansers full of harsh chemicals. As long as the clay is good quality, it won't have: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial ingredients, alcohol, fillers, animal ingredients, and fragrances. Those chemicals can lead to serious health issues, so avoiding them at all costs is crucial! The Herbivore Pink Clay bar, our favorite, is made of natural oils and clay—that's it! Just as eating whole, unprocessed foods is beneficial to your body, so is using Mother Earth's products on your skin.

It smells great

The lack of chemicals in clay leave you smelling super yummy. Starting or ending the day with a cleanser that doesn't smell like nail polish remover is one of our favorite things about it!