Ceramic Vs. Tourmaline for Hair

By LeafTV Editor

Many hairstyling tool brands incorporate either ceramic or tourmaline into their products. So which one is better for your hair? Both have their positive attributes, so your best be is to buy a styling tool with both ceramic and tourmaline.

White tourmaline hair dryer on a towel
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Ceramic Vs Tourmaline For Hair


Ceramic Technology

Ceramic technology increases shine, preserves moisture and may reduce frizz, according to Hot Tools. Ceramic tools heat evenly so that there aren't any hot spots on the styling tool that can burn your hair.

Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline styling uses negative ions to seal the hair cuticle, smoothing strands and preserving moisture in the hair.

Ceramic Products

Many brands use ceramic technology in their hairstyling tools, with curling irons and flat irons being the most common. Some hair dryers also use ceramic technology, usually along with ionic technology.

Tourmaline Products

Tourmaline is also used in a wide variety of hairstyling tools such as curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers. A popular brand, T3, uses tourmaline technology in the majority of its products.

Expert Insight

Ceramic technology is quite common and used in many tools at different price ranges. Tourmaline technology emits six times more negative ions than ceramic technology. For the best of both worlds, buy hairstyling tools that use ceramic and tourmaline technology.